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We’re ready to share with you more than 20 years of our practical experience on Apitherapy and Beekeeping.

Our Mission

To teach, to as many people as possible, the wonderful powers of bee products to make our world healthier.

“The workshop was very interesting, it showed me the way to real apitherapy, its use and application in practice. I see the greatest benefit in practical examples. International participation testifies to the quality of the Workshop. I really appreciate that the Workshop was organized for a narrow circle of participants.

Antonio thank you!!”


František Černík

Bee Bohemia s.r.o. 🐝

Czech Republic

“I took part in Antonio’s 4-day apitherapy seminar. It was amazing. And very very interesting. I learned a huge amount of information and learned the method of micro apitherapy.

Thank you once again for this wonderful experience.”



Czech Republic


“Mr Antonio Couto is one of the best experts in bee venom therapy I ever met. I attended some of his workshops, always learning some new methods or inventions.
He is mixing healing methods to get the best results. Using cupping, microstings, full stings by living bees, reflexotherapy … These mixtures make it possible to help to cure a load of different diseases. He is also an expert in teaching, not just talking and acting, always with a good connection to the group and his own sense of humor!”

Peter Heinrich


Heilpraktiker and Member of the German Apitherapie-Bund DAB

“I found Antonio Couto possesses a wide range of knowledge about Apitherapy, health, and wellness,  treating a myriad of diseases/conditions with it, and staying well. His power point presentations were well organized and succinct. He also guided the students with the practice of micro stinging and demonstrated how to gather the bees for that purpose. Methods of making creams and salves made from bee products were demonstrated as well. I was impressed with Antonio”s commitment to making sure each student was given plenty of hands-on practice treating others in the class with his guidance and making sure everyone got their questions answered. I felt I was given a wealth of information to get me started on integrating Apitherapy with my current Acupuncture and Massage Practice.”
Kirsten  Carter, LAc, LMT, RYT
United States of America
Director One People for Peace
“Antonio, it was a great pleasure for me to participate in your workshop, especially the practical part was really interesting and above my expectations. 

What I appreciate highly is your holistic approach to our health. Till now I can hear in my head your words: “… nutrition, nutrition, nutrition
…” 😊


Dana Kralova

Czech Republic

”I had met Antonio Couto back in 2018, when we celebrated the first World bee day on 20.may, in
Slovenia. At that time I had already finished our educational programme of the Apitherapy in Slovenia
and I wanted to know more, and to get more experience. The time passed by, ”corona happened” and
finally, this year (2022) I was able to get to Antonio’s workshop in Czech Republic.
As an apitherapist I have my own practice, but still – this course was very usefull also for me. I had never
used to implement micro apipuncture before, since I only do BVT with alive bees. Since I had the training
with Antonio, I am using both – micro apipuncture and alive stinging with the bees and I am getting
faster and longer-lasting results with my clients.
Very important is to know all the bee products, their ingredients and to know very well, what influence
on our body they have.
Antonio is a really good teacher, apitherapist and first of all-human! He has a lot of knowledge also with
(what I find the most important) combining more alternative methods to get to results, such as TCM,
phytomedicine, essential oils, and of course – nutritionistics.
I’d recommend his workshop to all- the beginners and to those who already work in the field of

Nika Pengal,
Cerfified Apitherapist and professional beekeeper form Slovenia,
Author of the first intergenerational book on Apitherapy